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Monsanto Tribunal

Ecocide must be punishable

Anwalt William Bourdon

Picture: French lawyer William Bourdon calls for his right to information on the protection of health in his plea

Tribunals are being launched because of serious crimes to accuse and punish crimes against humanity. The Monsanto Tribunal and the People's Assembly has taken place in The Hague from 14 to 16 October.

The German consumer magazine for organic food "Schrot&Korn" reported live, captured the mood, talked to initiators, victims, judges and committed participants and let you participate in this unique event.

After three intense days, the Monsanto Tribunal and the People's Assembly came to an end yesterday afternoon in
The Hague. The hearing of 24 witnesses and the plea of the lawyers were followed by an audience from all over the world and by Livestream.

Six complex legal issues and the extent to which the US company Monsanto has violated international law in this
regard should be clarified. For the international body of judges (the tribunal) it was necessary to collect the statements, in order to make a recommendation in the following. The aim is to include ecocide as an element of
international law in order to be able to prosecute and penalize appropriate offenses.

Read more about the two events here on our blog and
on the Monsanto Tribunal website and on .





Third day: the Tribunal is listening to more witnesses

Sonntag, 16.10.2016, third and last day of the Monsanto Tribunal and the People´s Assembly

Monsanto Tribunal - das Richterteam

Picture: the judges are listening again to witnesses from all over the world

Good Morning from The Hague – today is World Food Day!

The World Food Day is a worthy completion for the two events, which will continue all day. Further witnesses will be heard from the Judges Panel of the Monsanto Tribunal and at the People's Assembly, working groups will endeavor to develop solutions for a future for the planet worthy to live.

You can follow the Livestream Monsanto Tribunal

This afternoon each of the judges will give a statement to a different topic of the accusations

Right to health and healthy environment and food /Lawyer Claudia Gomez

Right to information /Lawyer William Bourdon

War crimes / Lawyer Maogato Jackson

Ecocide / Lawyer Gwynn McCarrick and Koffi Dogbevi

Shocking facts are highlighted

Third and last day of the Monsanto Tribunal and the People´s Assembly

The hearing of the witnesses on Sunday morning reveals a further shocking facts that highlight a very negative light on the global practice of safeguarding food quality and independent research. [Nbsp]

A farmer from France, who took over the parental farm in 1967, tells how a legal dispute against the Monsanto Group has been disputing for years.

"As a young farmer, I believed in the promises made by Monsanto:" We are at your side with our products, "they said," more efficiency, higher yields, weeds, no problem, what we wanted. " That all the chemicals are completely non-toxic to humans. [Nbsp]

This is a lie, said Paul Francois, when he cleans the Lasso tank - the "predecessor pesticide" from Roundup Ready, after the cleaning of equipment, he fell unconsciously in the inhalation of the fumes and with a toxic shock in the hospital have to be. It took him five weeks to work again. But he was not completely healthy. Since he was confirmed in connection with what was later forbidden with the later prohibited pesticide of scientists and doctors, he is legally fighting for the accident to be recognized as a work accident.

Moms across America

Picture: While the judges of the Tribunal listened to the witnesses, at the People´s Assembly many international organisations present their ideas



Monsanto has caused much suffering

Monsanto Tribunal, Shiv Chopra

Picture: Canadian scientist Shiv Chopra listens intently. He was also pressured and lost his job.

On Sunday morning, the Monsanto Tribunal reported allegations against Monsanto regarding the exercise of pressure - directly and indirectly - on governments, institutions and academics. In addition to the French farmer Paul Francois, a farmer from Colombia, as well as an Argentinian lawyer from victims of large-scale pesticide applications from the air and a health expert from Paraquay.

Claire Robinson vom britischen Informationsdienst GMWatch
Picture: Claire Robinson of the British Genetic Engineering Organization GMWatch explains cases of influence on science and on organizations by Monsanto

Colombia: 22 million liters of highly concentrated glyphosate sprayed

Pedro Pablo Mutumbajoy is a small builder from Colombia and tells how the Colombian government sprayed millions of liters of glyphosate in high concentration from helicopters to curb the prohibited cultivation of Coca. During the Civil War Coca cultivation had been customary and brought additional income to rebels and small farmers. As a result of the spraying from the air, all areas other than the cocoa plantations were affected, "land for the cultivation of our food, water, humans and animals," explained Mutumbajoy. The impact of these activities was not lacking: "I have seen how a calf without front legs was born. I've never seen anything like it, "he said.

Anwalt Maogato Jackson ging auf den Vorwurf ein, dass Monsanto das Mittel Agent Orange geliefert hat, mit dem im Vietnam Krieg Wälder entlaubt wurden. Die Auswirkungen sind noch heute spürbar.

Picture: Lawyer Maogato Jackson sued Monsanto for war crimes

There must be an international law for victims to come to their right

It was reported that Juan Ignacio Pereyra, who represents victims in Argentina, is not only an animals, but a children. From studies that are available to him, but also public, it is clear that the alleged harmless pesticide glyphosate is nowadays ubiquitous, for example, in the water of rivers, even in the rain and in the air, and source of many toxic side effects . Studies clearly showed the link between the beginning of the cultivation of genetically modified plants, the application of Roundup Ready and the rise of diseases and malformations. To bring such a product onto the market is a crime. But the problem is very complex and monsanto very powerful and influential. It is not easy, especially not for those affected as small farmers, to raise charges. A legal basis for international law should be created, according to the lawyer.


PIcture: Action on the People's Assembly parodying the influence of Monsanto



Second Day: The Monsanto Tribunal starts

Monsanto Tribunal - Die Richter

Picture: The judges of the Monsanto Tribunal

Saturday, October 15, second day of the Monsanto Tribunals and the People´s Assembly,

The first day in The Hague was very intense. Participants and guest from all over the world gathered and it was very emotional to see that - a unique event!

This morning another venue: the real Monsanto Tribunals has begun this morning at 8.30. The team of judges took their seat and the hearings of the victims started.


Impressions from the first day

you can see in a short video with statement from Vandana Shiva, Andre Leu, Ronny Cummins and others 


Livestream of the Monsanto Tribunal hearings

Livestream of the Monsanto Tribunal hearings will be available from Saturday Oct 15, 8:30 am GMT+2.

Link to the livestream video in 5 languages live stream .

Thank you for contributing to the success of the Tribunal by spreading the word!  Thanks to generous sponsors and many small donators the financing is done, said MArie-Monique Robin who has the patronage of the Monsanto Tribunal.

"Every Euro more will be used to support the victims of Monsanto by the Monsanto Tribunal Foundatio", she explained.



Impact on Human Health

Sabine Grataloup (France) and Maria Liz Robledo (Argentinia) tell the stories of their children Theo and Martina and were the first speakers this morning.

Sabine Grataloup´s nine-year-old son Theo was born with an esophagus occlusion. He already has 50 operations behind him. The doctors had told her, saying that the cause could be pesticides. "Then I realized that at the beginning of my pregnancy I used glyphosate on my farm, a riding arena." From Argentine studies, she learned that the incidences have quadrupled in Argentina over a period of ten years A time when glyphosate was started to be used very intensively and also sprayed from airplanes over a large area. The fatale is also that consumers still do not have
From my point of view, we are in a pesticide epidemic phase and we need an international legal forum where the affected people can turn.

Victim in front of the Tribunal

Picture: Sabine Grateloupe  in front of the Tribunal

Maria Liz Robledo comes from a small village in the province of Buenos Aires. Her daughter Martina was born and shortly thereafter an esophageal malformation was diagnosed. After a 22-hour operation has now developed very well, but still carries problems of which no normal socialization is possible.
Shortly thereafter, a second child was born with this malformation in our small village (1000 inhabitants). Then we thought about it and suddenly the connection with these spraying machines, which are as normal over the country with us. And we have always been told that these preparations are absolutely safe. Meanwhile, it is proven that it is not so. This needs to be known and changed!

Maria Liz Robledo from Argentina

Bild: Maria Liz Robledo from Argentina





Young laywer from the US sees good chances to sue Monsanto

Young laywer from the US sees good chances to sue Monsanto. He represents 1000 cases in the US, where glyphosate is the cause of malformations and serious diseases. He sees good chances of a civil court case against Monsanto in the US. It could be an example against Monsanto, he explains. One of the sacrifices he represents represents her path of suffering.

Ein Bauernvertreter und ein Anwalt berichten aus Sri Lanka

Picture: a representative and a lawyer report from the situation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: 4,000 farmers in Sri Lanka suffered from kidney disease and diabetes, after they started using glyphosate in the form of roundup, they also took drinking water from the rivers. Soil life also came to a standstill, reports the farmers. Research and scientific research have shown that a total of more than 24,000 people have died as a result of pesticide applications. Sri Lanka has responded and banned glyphosate.

Eine RIchterin fragt nach

Picture: Judge Dior Fall Sow is asking





Videos from the first day

Witnesses from Argentina, Brazil and the USA

The hearings continue. The first block in the morning is about the impact of pesticides on human health. The judges want to see to what extent Monsanto has violated human rights through its activities. The second part deals with the effects on plants and soil.

Vertreter, die über die Situation in Argentinien und Brasilien berichten

Picture: witnesses speaking about the situation in Argentinia and Brazil



Tense listening and lively exchanges during the breaks

During the hearings, all present are tense and listen to the statements, but many also spread the news directly over the social media.


Die Gäste des Tribunals hören gespannt zu

Picture:interested press and guests of the Tribunal are spreading the news online

The short breaks during the Tribunal are used to exchange and network.


Diskussionen während der Pausen

Picture: discussions during the breaks



Scientific findings from the USA

A representative of the US scientist Don Huber, who could not personally participate in the Tribunal, presented the results of his research on glyphosate.

Vertreter von Don Huber

Picture: a representative of the US-biologist Don Huber


Der Richter fragt ein Detail nach

Picture: a judge is asking for a detail


People´s Assembly workshops results

In the discussion on pesticides and organic farming, it became clear that it is one of the most important tasks to bring consumers into the boat. "If the customers understand that good food is worth their price, then we have achieved an important goal."

Ergebnisse aus den Workshops werden präsentiert

Picture: results of the workshops were represented

Some groups are already well networked internationally, like the Landless Movement in Latin America. "Via Campesionos". [Nbsp] But the legal framework is not sufficient, explains a representative. "We need a new global solidarity of Grassroot organizations, called for them to lend more weight to the ecological movement.

Vertreterin von Via Campesinos

Picture: a representative of Via Campesinos

In another workshop, the exchange was about campaigns on genetic engineering. There are a number of creative actions that have succeeded - "we can benefit from the experience," a spokeswoman said. "If glyphosate were banned all over the world, we would be rid of genetically modified plants, too", she formulated a vision that arose in the working group.

"All the experiences we have heard from representatives from all over the world, from" green deserts "in Central America, which after the so-called" green revolution "have intensively entered the agricultural industry with pesticides and genetically modified plants, were impressive. Sadly, the fact of hearing that the effects of the Monsanto poison "Agent Orange" are still being felt in Vietnam  . The victims still have to prove what has happened to them. This is very difficult, "the spokesman said.


Ein Sprecher berichtet von den Ergebnisse des Pestizid-Workshops







Monsanto Tribunal without Monsanto

The meeting place for the People´s Assembly

Picture: Protesters at the meeting place for the People´s Assembly

The Hague, Friday, October 14

The International Monsanto Tribunal has officially invited Monsanto to participate in the citizens’ tribunal which will be held October 15-16 in The Hague, Netherlands. The letter sent via registered mail from Amsterdam, was declined.

In the letter, addressed to Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant, two of the Monsanto Tribunal judges wrote: “The Foundation Stichting Monsanto Tribunal believes it to be of the highest importance that Monsanto itself is given ample opportunity to present its views to the Tribunal, in order to ensure that the Tribunal is fully informed and equipped to provide an assessment that is based on the fullest range of information possible.” Monsanto was given until October 1, 2016 to submit a written brief and/or to respond to the Tribunal’s invitation to send legal representation to The Hague.

 According to an article in The Guardian Monsanto will not attend the Monsanto Tribunal in The Hague this weekend: "In an open letter, signed by three Monsanto directors, the company said it would not attend the tribunal because it was “staged and supported by” organic food organisations." The corporation that is accused for ecocide by international NGOs will not be personally in court in The Hague. According to The Guardian Monsanto’s director of human rights Martha Burmaster wrote: “We welcome a genuine, constructive conversation with diverse ideas and perspectives about food and agriculture production. [But] this is not a real dialogue. It is a staged event, a mock trial where anti-agriculture technology and anti-Monsanto critics play organisers, judge and jury, and where the outcome is pre-determined.”

The international panel for the press conference

Picture: The international panel for the press conference

Organisers insited the tribunal was not a kangaroo court or a stunt and said it was by no means certain the case against the corporation would be proved.

“Other similar tribunals have found both for and against corporations,” said Damien Short, director of the Human Rights Consortium at London University. “This is a test of international law. It has moral force and the tribunal’s decision will be evidence-based. Peoples’ tribunals are testing the law.”

Lucy Rees, speaking on behalf of End Ecocide on Earth, added: “Under existing [international] law, it is impossible to bring criminal charges against a company like Monsanto or its management, for possible crimes against human health and the integrity of the environment.”



People´s Assembly with top speakers

Andre Leu and Ronny Cummins meeting at the People´s Assembly

Picture: Andre Leu, IFOAM International and Ronnie Cummins, Organic Consumers Association, US, meeting at the People´s Assembly in The Hague today

The Hague, Friday, October 14

The People’ s Assembly will begin begin with a press conference on 14th of October 11 am and continue with speakers from all over the world. In the Opening Session named A Century of Ecocide and Genocide and among other Vandana Shiva, Percy Schmeiser, Gilles Eric Seralini, Andé Leu and Hans Herren wil give their staements to different topics.

The programme you can find Programme People´s Assembly

Updates of the People’s Assembly



Percy Schmeiser: "Life is sacred"

Percy Schmeiser

The Canadian Farmer Percy Schmeiser (picture) and his wife Louise trveled toThe Hague to tell their story of fighting against Monsanto. "Monsanto wanted to destroy us completely", he says. He end up with the strong statement: "Never give up to fight for your rights! Because life ist sacred." Their were standing ovations for him.

In the begining Vandana Shiva very lively and emotional asks everybody to be an "activist for life". "We, our planet need freedom of seeds and we must stop patents of life!" 

Fernando Cabaleiro (Nature of Rights Argentina) talks about the crimes of Monsanto in Argentina and about the fight of many grass root movements againt it.



Frightening reports from all over the world

Representatives from different organizations and scientists report on truly incredible findings on glyphosate and pesticides. The reports came from Argentina, USA and France. "We all have a cocktail of pesticides in our body." The combination of different active ingredients is not tested, explains André Leu.

Hans Herren, BioVision and Future Institute explains: "Perhaps we should take a one way ticket to Mars, because our planet is poisened. But we still have a choice, we have to vote with our baskets. And! We don´t need chemicals!" Always when we get directly into the natural eco system we will bring the system out of balance, he says. "It´s all about business. Corporations want to make money and they sell you pesticides in every size you need."



Livestream of the Monsanto Tribunal hearings


Livestream of the Monsanto Tribunal hearings will be available from Saturday Oct 15, 8:30 am GMT+2.

Link to the livestream video in 5 languages here.

Thank you for contributing to the success of the Tribunal by spreading the word! Please sign to support the Tribunal if you have not done it yet.

Thanks to generous sponsors and many small doantions the financial needs of more than 150.000 Euros are OK by now, says Marie-Monique Robin who has the patronage of the Monsanto Tribunal and People´s Assembly."Every Euro more will be used to support the victims of Monsanto by the Monsanto Tribunal Foundation", she explained.



Renate Künast:"We have the right to know, what we eat"

"We have the right to know, what we eat". This was the statement of the former German Consumer Protection Minister  Renate Künast. She is convinced that the People´s Assembly and the Monsanto Tribunal is a great place to discuss the future of food.




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